Easy Update: Wall Plate Covers

f you’re asking yourself what the heck is a wall plate cover, they are the pieces of plastic, wood, or metal that surround your light switches and outlets (also known as switch plate covers). In a lot of homes they are basic plastic in white or ivory and are not made to be decorative, which leaves us a lot of opportunity to enhance them. This is an area worth splurging on – think of how visible they are, and how often you use them. Continue reading Easy Update: Wall Plate Covers

How to Edge Your Garden With a Flat Shovel

I love edging because its one of the best bangs for your buck you can get in terms of ROI on labor/equipment. Meaning edging isn’t exactly easy to do (but few things in the garden are!), but for the amount of effort it does take to get this job done, the results are truly impactful. You can easily take your garden beds from nice to professional looking with a clean, crisp edge. Continue reading How to Edge Your Garden With a Flat Shovel

What is a Cape Cod style home?

A Cape Cod (or ‘cape’) style home is typically a low, one and a half story house with a chimney running through the center, and a steep pitched roof. This cottage-style house originated in the 17th century in the New England area of the United States (home to Cape Cod, MA). During the Colonial Revival in the 1930s, Cape Cod homes become popular again due to their affordability. Continue reading What is a Cape Cod style home?